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How do I figure out God's will for my life?

Whether it is deciding who to date or finding a new job, how are we supposed to know God's plan for us? How important are our seemingly big decisions in the grand scheme of things? Check out this episode of Church Unplugged as pastors discuss how God's grace and our freedom interact as we face all of life's choices.

What should I watch?

Game of Thrones, The Bachelor, HGTV. Pick your poison! Whatever you choose to watch, is it realistic to think our entertainment has no effect on us? Do the shows we watch glorify sin or show the consequences? Tune in the Church Unplugged as we talk about how our love for God influences what we watch.

Is there evidence to believe that Jesus rose from the dead?

Almost all historians, whether Christian, Atheist, or Jewish, can agree that Jesus of Nazareth was crucified. Yet it's what happened after that is often debated. Did Jesus rise from the dead and walk out of the tomb or not? Tune into this installment of Church Unplugged as CCC pastors share how we can have confidence that Jesus defeated death, and why that is so important to our faith.

What’s so special about the Bible?

What's so special about the Bible? Or better yet, how do we know that the Bible we have today hasn't been changed or edited over time? Can it still be trustworthy and culturally applicable in 2019? Well... those are a lot of great questions that a short podcast description will fail to answer. Instead, listen to CCC pastors discuss how we can honestly answer these questions and then continue to faithfully follow God's Word.

Do I really need Jesus?

In the Bible, Jesus was very clear about who he is, yet we often have a hard time believing it. We often resort to the idea that Jesus was just a good, moral example for how we should all live, but can anyone really live up to his standard? Or are we missing the point? Check out this episode of Church Unplugged as CCC staff discussed who Jesus really is and why we need him.

Why does Christianity exclude other religions?

Why does Christianity exclude other religions? In a society that views tolerance as agreeing and affirming every belief someone holds, how do we make sense of the exclusive claims of Jesus? Listen in on our first episode of the That's A Great Question series, as we talk about the need for Christianity to be exclusive and what it truly means to love others.

What does it mean to be an Evangelical?

What do you think of when you hear the term "evangelical"? Historically, Christians have used this label to identify themselves as people who believe that the Bible is true and that we are saved by faith through Jesus Christ. But today it seems that the term has lost its original meaning and tends to carry political or racial assumptions. So should we continue to label ourselves as evangelical if it can be more divisive than unifying? Tune in as CCC pastor discuss a relevant, yet complex subject.

What does the Bible say about cohabitation?

Should Christians live together before they’re married? Is there really any place at all for testing the waters at that level of a relationship before saying "I Do" forever? Lastly, and most importantly, what does the Bible say about cohabitation and if it says we shouldn’t live together before our wedding day, what’s so bad about it anyway? Before digging into what God’s Word says, we discuss why so many live together before tying the knot and just how prevalent cohabitation is for people today.

Should Christians cuss?

Go lick a duck. Son of a motherless goat. Mothertrucker. Mothersmucker. Judas Priest. If you grew up in the church, you've probably tried to replace a cuss word with a creative alternative. But is cussing really such a big deal? Who decides what are "bad words," and which words are okay? It might not be as simple as we want it to be. Join CCC pastors as they discuss the purpose of language and how we can make Jesus famous with our words.

How should Christians respond to the refugee crisis?

A 2018 survey found that 68% of white, evangelical Christians believe the U.S. has no responsibility to take in refugees. In contrast, Jesus calls us to invite the stranger in (Matthew 25:40-45) and to help the oppressed (Isaiah 1:17). But how do we reconcile a desire to protect our country with the teachings of Jesus? Tune in to Church Unplugged as we discuss what it means to follow Jesus before a political party and how we can practice faith informed politics.

What are the pros and cons of live streaming?

Picture this: It's Sunday morning, you just brewed a fresh pot of coffee, fed your goldfish Tammy, and read the newspaper. You look at the clock and see it's time for church, so you plop on your Lazy Boy and log on to CCC's website to live stream a service. It's a great message, but is this the way church was meant to be experienced? What is the value in regularly engaging in the local church? Join the Church Unplugged crew as we discuss how live streaming can be helpful for some people yet dangerous for others.

Why do we need the Old Testament?

Have you ever wondered why we need the Old Testament? If we have so much information on the life of Jesus in the New Testament, why do we also need a book full of seemingly bizarre laws such as not wearing clothing with mixed fabric? Join CCC pastors as they discuss the relevance of the Old Testament, and how Scripture points to Jesus.

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