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Why do we set numeric goals?

With the Reimagine vision, we have three numeric goals. We dream of seeing 10,000 people within 10 miles of CCC come to know Jesus, 60 churches planted, and to give $30 million to global missions. So, why set such high numbers? Or, why set numbers at all? Tune into this episode of Church Unplugged as CCC Leadership discusses the benefit of measuring what we are doing as well as how they set each goal.


Historically, counseling has carried a negative stigma, especially within Christianity. But given the past year's events, we have all become more aware of the need to care for our mental and emotional health. Tune in as CCC Leadership reflects on the benefits of counseling and shares what they have learned in their own experiences with counseling. If you'd like to learn more about what the Care team at CCC offers, email them today at care@ccchapel.com.

Critical Race Theory

To put it simply, Critical Race Theory looks at society in terms of how it is structurally biased against other races, specifically the black community. You might have noticed that lately, there is a lot of debate about CRT among Christians. It's clear that this is an important topic for us to talk about with an honest, loving, gospel-lense. Tune in to the latest episode of Church Unplugged as CCC Leadership discusses what CRT gets right and what CRT gets wrong.

Purity Culture

If you grew up in church in the '90s or 2000s, you might be familiar with the idea of purity culture––a specific way of teaching about sex, dating, and marriage. Though parents and leaders had good intentions, the teachings of purity culture left many with a skewed, shame-based understanding of sexuality and relationships. Tune into this episode of Church Unplugged as the CCC Leadership Team unpacks the idea of purity culture, gives thoughts on where it went wrong, and shares some better ways of teaching about sexuality.

Black Contributions to Theology

Historically, men and women of all different ethnicities have mobilized the gospel and contributed to Christianity. Yet, history does not always highlight the significant role Black Christians have had in our faith. So if God is writing the story of Christianity using people of all races, why does it seem like only white Christians have shaped our theology? Tune into this episode of Church Unplugged as CCC staff digs into this issue and considers why it is crucial to discuss.

What is Lament?

How should Christians respond to difficult things? Loving and trusting God does not mean we are always happy. Rather than expressing an inauthentic faith, God allowed us to lament. Lament says, "I'm sad. I'm struggling. And God is still good." Tune in to this week's Church Unplugged as CCC Leadership digs deeper into the idea of lament and how believers can express their sorrow in a healthy way.

Christian Nationalism

What is Christian nationalism? How can we balance a healthy love for our country while remembering we belong to the Kingdom of God first? It's easy to think there are only two options: blind patriotism or complete apathy toward our country. But for Christians, there has to be another way. Tune in as CCC Leadership tackles this complex topic, pointing us toward the way of Jesus.

What Is Discipleship?

If you have spent time in a church, you have probably heard the word “discipleship” a time or two. Tune in as CCC staff discuss why discipleship means more than attending Bible studies.

COVID-19 & Suffering

It's been about nine months since our lives changed due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, and many have faced immense suffering. Whether it's from losing a loved one or the loneliness of social isolation – all pain is valid. Tune in as our Leadership Team shares their thoughts on the current state of things and offer some encouragement on what is to come.

Why Is Evangelism Difficult?

If we're being honest, sharing our faith does not come easy to most of us. What is it that makes it so difficult? Tune in to this episode of Church Unplugged as our leadership team discusses some of the issues that make evangelism difficult and how to overcome them.

The Reimagine Story

As we gear up to officially launch CCC's new vision, Reimagine, our Leadership Team talks about how the idea came to be. Tune in as they discuss what lead to this change, how others contributed, what they're most excited about and more!

CCC Staffing

How does CCC approach staffing? With a large team, we know there might be some questions about how we operate. Tune in to this episode of Church Unplugged to learn how we hire, fire, evaluate, and care for our staff.

Election Reaction

Spoiler Alert: This podcast was recorded before Election Day. Why? Because we believe that regardless of who wins or loses, we are not hopeless. We know that whoever is elected will bring both good and bad things. Our hope is in God, who is still in charge and is advancing his unshakeable kingdom. Join us as CCC staff shares some thoughts and encouragement for people at all points on the political spectrum.


As followers of Jesus, we're called to forgive as Jesus forgave us. But in all reality, that is easier said than done. Forgiveness will always cost something–either we will hold onto what hurt us, or we will extend to others the same grace we have received. Tune in for an encouraging and honest podcast about forgiveness. CCC staff shares about the why behind forgiveness and how it practically works in relationships.

How To Confront Sinful Behavior

How do we respond to sin like Jesus? When we look at the life of Jesus, we see him responding to sinners with both love and truth. Tune into this episode of Church Unplugged as CCC pastors discuss the heart behind confrontation and share some practical examples.

Racism and Christianity, Part 2

Tune in as Pastor Joe continues his conversation with Pastor Calvin Brown and Louis Holmes on how Christians should respond to racism. In this episode, they discuss the relationship between communities and the police force, and the importance of both preaching the gospel and being actively involved in caring for the vulnerable.

Christian Disagreement

Our culture feels divisive lately. What if the problem isn't that everyone disagrees, but that not many people know how to disagree well? If you're tired of disagreements that end in people trying to shout their opinion louder than someone else, this week's episode of Church Unplugged is for you. Tune in as CCC pastors discuss the importance of disagreement, the value of listening, and how you can see people as more than just their opinions.

Racism and Christianity, Part 1

In July, Pastor Joe Coffey of CCC and Pastor Calvin Brown of Destiny Church in Twinsburg, Ohio co-hosted a forum on racial issues in modern society and how Christians should respond to those issues. It was such a fruitful discussion that we didn't get to all the questions we hoped to cover. We invited Pastor Calvin and Louis Holmes, a CCC member who participated in the forum, to rejoin Pastor Joe on Church Unplugged to continue the discussion. This is part one of a two-part series on Christianity and racial justice in America.

Did God Create Sin?

In the book of Genesis, the Bible tells us that sin entered the world soon after humans did, corrupting God's perfect creation. If God is omnipotent, knowing everything, then he knew sin would enter the world, and it did not take him by surprise. And if God is all-powerful, he could have prevented this from happening, but he allowed sin to occur. The question we are left with is, "Why?" In this episode, Pastor Joe and Pastor Zach give us their perspective based on what they know about God and the evidence we have about his plan for creation.

Is It Possible for a Christian to Lose His or Her Salvation?

When we are saved by believing in the divinity of Jesus and confessing that he is Lord, we understand that we will spend an eternity in heaven with him. But can we mess up and lose that salvation once we’ve attained it? How much of our salvation is ultimately in God’s hands, and how much do we control? And how do we know if we are saved in the first place? Listen to this week’s episode as Pastor Joe and Pastor Zach unpack what it means to be adopted into God’s family, how wandering in your faith affects that, and what it all means for eternal salvation.

What does it mean to have a relationship with God?

Understanding what it means to have a relationship with God is best understood when we consider what it means to have a relationship with anyone. Spending time and conversation with those we love is a joy. In the same way, spending time with God is less about checking a box and more about genuine connection. In this week's episode of Church Unplugged, the leadership team shares about what is gained when we move from checking a box to making a real connection with God.

Christians, the Gospel, and Social Media

Jesus said, "Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks." If he lived on earth now, perhaps he might have said, "Out of the overflow of the heart, the person tweets." Regardless of the platform, what we say is invariably connected to our hearts. In the same way that our spoken words can be used to bring healing or division, love or hate, so can our social media posts. So, how can Christians use social media to bring healing and love? Listen in to today's episode as our leadership team tackles the topic, "Christians, the gospel, and social media."

What is Hell?

Our first inclination can be to think that if God were truly loving, he would not send people to hell, let alone have created it in the first place. But, in order to be a God of love, he must also be a God of justice. What if hell is actually a manifestation of God's love for people, reflected in his perfect justice? In this episode of Church Unplugged, our leadership team discusses what hell really is and why Jesus taught about it more than anyone else in the Bible.

Do Denominational Differences Matter?

Did you know it wasn’t until the Protestant Reformation when the public could freely access the Bible that various denominations and sects began within Christianity? The benefits of getting God’s Word into people’s hands were endless, but consequently it led to the formation of many interpretations and opinions of what the Bible was really saying. In this episode of Church Unplugged, our leadership team discusses what really matters when it comes to denominational differences, and how at the end of the day, even if we disagree on certain issues, what matters most is loving Jesus and realizing there can be great beauty in the variety of ways churches worship him.

White Christians & Racism

As we grieve the recent killings of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd, we know that some of our white brothers and sisters might not know how to think or talk about racism. We believe that as Christians, God calls us to be a voice to the voiceless and carry each other’s burdens. So how can we, as white Christians, be there for the black community? Tune in for an honest conversation between Richard White and Paul Turner on how they’ve been processing recent events, what it’s like to be black in America, and how their white friends can care for them in this time.

What will Heaven be like?

Have you thought about how you’ll be spending your time in eternity? Do images of sitting on clouds, playing harps, and wearing white robes cross your mind? In this episode of Church Unplugged, our leadership team chats about common misconceptions and focuses on the reality that heaven will be much less about being in some distant picture-perfect place and more about being present with God enjoying his original and wonderful design for our world. The Bible may not give us all the details of our eternal home, but tune in to learn about how Heaven’s plans include a perfectly redeemed and restored version of you.

Why is Sex Outside of Marriage Wrong?

God didn’t give you a whole bunch of rules in the Bible to keep you away from anything good. Rather, every command God declares stems from his infinite love and great design for you – including his command for you to not have sex outside of marriage. But sometimes rules can be hard to understand or accept when the they seem to be keeping you from something so seemingly great like pleasure or fun, right? In this episode of Church Unplugged, our pastors are digging into this topic to help us reflect on how our willingness to obey God is actually based on how much we trust him and value others.

The 10 Commandments Deep Dive – Part 2

There’s only so much our pastors can cover during 30 minutes in a weekend message, so we’ve created this special 2-part episode to give Pastor Joe, Pastor Zach, and Pastor Todd more time to dive deeper into each of the 10 Commandments you learned about in our recent message series. Tune in to hear them expound upon each commandment and address some of the questions they received during the message series.

The 10 Commandments Deep Dive – Part 1

There’s only so much our pastors can cover during 30 minutes in a weekend message, so we’ve created this special 2-part episode to give Pastor Joe, Pastor Zach, and Pastor Todd more time to dive deeper into each of the 10 Commandments you’ve been learning about in our current message series. Tune in to hear them expound upon each commandment and address some of the questions they received during the message series.

How Should Christians Handle the Coronavirus Crisis?

COVID-19. It’s overturning life as we know it. But even if the world seems to be spiraling out of control, as Christians, we must remember that God did not give us a spirit of fear. It’s in times like these that we should focus our hearts and minds on following Jesus well and loving our neighbors in powerful ways. Tune into this episode of Church Unplugged to hear our leadership discuss how this coronavirus crisis actually presents an opportunity for us as Christians to be used by God to minister to people who are searching for hope, security, and love in the midst of this unprecedented situation.

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