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Healthy Leadership

There is a lot of talk in our culture about toxic leadership both inside and outside the church. Rather than talking about toxicity, in today's episode of Church Unplugged, the CCC Leadership Team takes a look at what healthy leadership should look like and how we as Christians can know that our leaders are healthy. Listen in to hear more!

How To Read the Bible With Jesus at the Center

Have you ever had a hard time envisioning the Bible as one cohesive story? In today’s episode, the CCC Leadership Team shows us why it’s important that Jesus is at the center of the Bible and how this changes the way we read and respond to the biblical text in our day-to-day lives. As we see Jesus at the center of each story, we will find ways to practically keep him at the center of ours too. Listen in for more! 

Church Membership

What is church membership, and why does it matter? Tune in to hear CCC Leadership define church membership, consider where we find it in the Bible, and discuss how it contributes to a healthy church.

Pastor Joe's Sabbatical

In case you missed it, our lead pastor, Joe Coffey, took a sabbatical for the past three months. This time off was a gift from CCC elders to allow Joe and his wife time to relax, restore, and prepare for their continued ministry! Tune into this episode of Church Unplugged as Pastor Joe shares how he felt about going on a sabbatical, what he did, and what God taught him.

The Fruit of the Spirit

Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Christians may recognize these as the fruit of the Spirit listed in Galatians. But, how do we cultivate and grow this fruit in our lives?

Biblical Sexuality

In today’s podcast episode, CCC staff unpacks what the Bible has to say about sex in the context of marriage and what that means for how we live our lives.

Family Worship

As Christians, we know it's important to integrate our faith into our family life, but how can we make that happen? Perhaps more importantly, how can we make that happen in a way that feels enjoyable and authentic rather than something that your kids dread? These are all questions that the CCC Leadership team tackles in the newest episode of Church Unplugged. Tune in for practical tips and encouragement on how to be a family shaped by the gospel!

Living Out Your Faith in a Post-Christian World (feat. Scott Sauls)

Tune in as CCC's Leadership Team speaks with author and pastor Scott Sauls about how we can live as Christians who bring light to our post-Christian culture. Whether you're a student, stay-at-home parent, or working full time outside of the home, you don't want to miss this episode!  Scott will be speaking at Considering Jesus on Aug. 11. Learn more about this free event at ccchapel.com/considering. Everyone is invited!

Reading the Old Testament

As CCC spends 10 weeks studying the Old Testament, we know that people may have many questions about this part of the Bible. Especially in 2021, when the stories may feel hard to grasp, we wanted to discuss common objections people may have about the Old Testament and point you to the truth.  Tune in as CCC staff discusses the believability objection, moral objection, and relevance objection to the Old Testament.

Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories, the belief that a covert but influential organization or person is responsible for a circumstance or event, have always existed. But you may have noticed a rise of these theories in the past year as they've become more influential and mainstream. So, as Christians, how do we respond? Tune into this episode of Church Unplugged as CCC Leadership considers the temptation of conspiracy theories, their danger, and how to be in a relationship with people who believe them.

40 Years of CCC

Tune in as we celebrate our church's 40th anniversary with CCC Leadership and Founding Pastor Jim Colledge. In this episode, Jim shares the story of how God called him to start Christ Community Chapel, then known as Hudson Community Chapel. If you love listening to stories and want to be reminded of God's faithfulness, don't miss this episode!

Deconstructing Your Faith

Deconstructing your faith is not a new idea, but it has become a more prominent conversation over the last few years. Sometimes the concept of deconstruction (examining your faith and deciding if it is true) is met with eye rolls and disdain. But what if we didn't look at it as such a bad thing? Tune in as CCC Leadership discusses the positive side of deconstruction, its dangers, and encouragement to parents whose children are going through this process.

Fallen Leaders

How should we respond when we see Christian leaders mess up publicly? Sometimes it can be tough to balance accountability with grace, understanding that no one is perfect. Tune in as CCC Leadership discusses this nuanced topic, sharing how Christians can have a healthy view of leaders who feel more like Christian celebrities at times.

Who is the church for?

Does the church exist primarily for Christians to grow or as a means for missions? The answer is both! When we view the church as belonging to Jesus, we see that he desires Christians to flourish and for non-Christians to be brought close. Tune in as CCC Leadership thinks through the motivation behind this question, what the Bible says, how CCC has handled this topic.

Cancel Culture

What is cancel culture, and how can we practice a healthier model of accountability as Christians? One that not only corrects but supports and restores? Tune into this episode of Church Unplugged as CCC Leadership unpacks cancel culture from a biblical perspective!

Why do we set numeric goals?

With the Reimagine vision, we have three numeric goals. We dream of seeing 10,000 people within 10 miles of CCC come to know Jesus, 60 churches planted, and to give $30 million to global missions. So, why set such high numbers? Or, why set numbers at all? Tune into this episode of Church Unplugged as CCC Leadership discusses the benefit of measuring what we are doing as well as how they set each goal.


Historically, counseling has carried a negative stigma, especially within Christianity. But given the past year's events, we have all become more aware of the need to care for our mental and emotional health. Tune in as CCC Leadership reflects on the benefits of counseling and shares what they have learned in their own experiences with counseling. If you'd like to learn more about what the Care team at CCC offers, email them today at care@ccchapel.com.

Critical Race Theory

To put it simply, Critical Race Theory looks at society in terms of how it is structurally biased against other races, specifically the black community. You might have noticed that lately, there is a lot of debate about CRT among Christians. It's clear that this is an important topic for us to talk about with an honest, loving, gospel-lense. Tune in to the latest episode of Church Unplugged as CCC Leadership discusses what CRT gets right and what CRT gets wrong.

Purity Culture

If you grew up in church in the '90s or 2000s, you might be familiar with the idea of purity culture––a specific way of teaching about sex, dating, and marriage. Though parents and leaders had good intentions, the teachings of purity culture left many with a skewed, shame-based understanding of sexuality and relationships. Tune into this episode of Church Unplugged as the CCC Leadership Team unpacks the idea of purity culture, gives thoughts on where it went wrong, and shares some better ways of teaching about sexuality.

Black Contributions to Theology

Historically, men and women of all different ethnicities have mobilized the gospel and contributed to Christianity. Yet, history does not always highlight the significant role Black Christians have had in our faith. So if God is writing the story of Christianity using people of all races, why does it seem like only white Christians have shaped our theology? Tune into this episode of Church Unplugged as CCC staff digs into this issue and considers why it is crucial to discuss.

What is Lament?

How should Christians respond to difficult things? Loving and trusting God does not mean we are always happy. Rather than expressing an inauthentic faith, God allowed us to lament. Lament says, "I'm sad. I'm struggling. And God is still good." Tune in to this week's Church Unplugged as CCC Leadership digs deeper into the idea of lament and how believers can express their sorrow in a healthy way.

Christian Nationalism

What is Christian nationalism? How can we balance a healthy love for our country while remembering we belong to the Kingdom of God first? It's easy to think there are only two options: blind patriotism or complete apathy toward our country. But for Christians, there has to be another way. Tune in as CCC Leadership tackles this complex topic, pointing us toward the way of Jesus.

What Is Discipleship?

If you have spent time in a church, you have probably heard the word “discipleship” a time or two. Tune in as CCC staff discuss why discipleship means more than attending Bible studies.

COVID-19 & Suffering

It's been about nine months since our lives changed due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, and many have faced immense suffering. Whether it's from losing a loved one or the loneliness of social isolation – all pain is valid. Tune in as our Leadership Team shares their thoughts on the current state of things and offer some encouragement on what is to come.

Why Is Evangelism Difficult?

If we're being honest, sharing our faith does not come easy to most of us. What is it that makes it so difficult? Tune in to this episode of Church Unplugged as our leadership team discusses some of the issues that make evangelism difficult and how to overcome them.

The Reimagine Story

As we gear up to officially launch CCC's new vision, Reimagine, our Leadership Team talks about how the idea came to be. Tune in as they discuss what lead to this change, how others contributed, what they're most excited about and more!

CCC Staffing

How does CCC approach staffing? With a large team, we know there might be some questions about how we operate. Tune in to this episode of Church Unplugged to learn how we hire, fire, evaluate, and care for our staff.

Election Reaction

Spoiler Alert: This podcast was recorded before Election Day. Why? Because we believe that regardless of who wins or loses, we are not hopeless. We know that whoever is elected will bring both good and bad things. Our hope is in God, who is still in charge and is advancing his unshakeable kingdom. Join us as CCC staff shares some thoughts and encouragement for people at all points on the political spectrum.


As followers of Jesus, we're called to forgive as Jesus forgave us. But in all reality, that is easier said than done. Forgiveness will always cost something–either we will hold onto what hurt us, or we will extend to others the same grace we have received. Tune in for an encouraging and honest podcast about forgiveness. CCC staff shares about the why behind forgiveness and how it practically works in relationships.

How To Confront Sinful Behavior

How do we respond to sin like Jesus? When we look at the life of Jesus, we see him responding to sinners with both love and truth. Tune into this episode of Church Unplugged as CCC pastors discuss the heart behind confrontation and share some practical examples.

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