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A letter to the American Church: What would it say?

We see letters written to various churches in the Bible. In this episode of Church Unplugged, we're answering the question, what would a letter written to the modern-d...

What makes a healthy church member?

In this episode of "Church Unplugged," we’re unpacking what makes a healthy church member. Take a listen!

Christians and Physical Fitness

Today's Church Unplugged episode answers the question, does the Bible have anything to say about physical fitness? Tune in, and let's talk about it!

How to Read Revelation

One of the most common questions our Leadership Team gets is about the book of Revelation. If you’re wondering how Christians should think about Revelation, this “Chur...

Being the Family of Ministry Leaders, What's It Like?

On this episode of Church Unplugged, we’re discussing what it's like to be the family of a ministry leader. What are the perks and challenges? Tune in!

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