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Why Does Community Matter?

You may have heard the word "community" used often in church settings. What is community, and why does it matter? We're answering these questions on this episode of Ch...

What Role Does Gratitude Play in Our Lives?

In this episode of Church Unplugged, we're discussing gratitude. What role does it play in our lives as Christians, and how do we practice it?

Why Don't Men Go to Church?

Research in the American church shows that men’s attendance in church is lower than women’s. Women tend to attend church more frequently and are also more involved. Wh...

Pastor Zach Weihrauch's Story

In this episode of Church Unplugged, we get to hear Pastor Zach Weihrauch's story. Tune in to hear how he came to faith in Jesus and ended up in ministry. 

Parent Podcast Crossover: Discussing Pornography with Your Kids

On this episode of Church Unplugged, we're doing a crossover episode from our parenting podcast, Parenting for the Everyday! In this episode, Pastors Joe and Zach disc...

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